Sunday, September 15, 2019

Project Toilet Cam...

Even though I'm sure there are toilet cam videos all over the net, I've never considered doing that type of video before. Frankly until recently, I just didn't find the idea of taking video by Myself without a toilet slave interesting. Recently though, I started thinking about the idea of those toilet/sub/bottoms that fantasize about being under a larger BBW Dominant/Top but may rarely or never get to. Perhaps a realistic view of being under someone like Myself of size, they can be better prepared if they do get the chance.

In the next few weeks when I do get a chance, I am going to do a toilet cam over a 24 hour period. Should definitely be interesting. And yes, I will post the edited video eye candy.

Next update...Toilet Fantasy..

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Many Ways of Firm

Even though the texture, contents or scent of brown seems to be rarely discussed, many times though there is a personal preference. My personal preference is somewhere between creamy and somewhat firm. No, not the texture that seems dry or small clumps that form a firm log but texture that is consistent. I am also not a fan of difficult or indigestible fragments within the texture. Why? I find pleasure feeding then watching My toilet consume Me. I find a creamy texture pleasurable to watch as My brown passes the lips of My toilet. 

Next update...Toilet Cam.

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Brown Brownie Snack Pack.

Brown Brownie Snack Pack with Golden Nectar
See those little swirls within the moist brownie? That's little drops of My firm brown shit waiting to be consumed. Just like little chocolate kisses just for you. Yes this is My Brown Brownie Snack Pack that I sent to My toilet ay this past week. Now even with him so far away, he may consume Me. 

My next snack pack will involve a higher concentration of My creamy brown plus of course My golden nectar. 
Next update...Many Ways of Firm.

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Golden Nectar Bottled

My Golden Nectar Fresh & Ready to Go. <wicked grin>
While experimenting with methods to ship My golden, I discovered these 15ml dropper bottles that seal tight and don't leak. I do believe that I've found My container. These bottles allow My golden to be added by the drop. 

Want to taste Me? I'll be posting how sometime soon. 

Still working on the ability to ship My brown sweets safely so keep an eye out.
Next update...Brown Brownie Cake Snack Pack.

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Golden Nectar...

Earlier this week, My toilet ay asked a question and I've been dwelling on it. Over the years, I've been asked about purchasing/shipping to them My golden and/or brown. That way even at a distance, they could savor My essence. My biggest concern about shipping My gifts out are how to safely ship it since brown doesn't store well outside of refridgeration or freezing. If anyone has any ideas on how to safely ship brown, let Me know since I am still stuck on that one but I'm reconsidering golden. After much thought, I could make My golden nectar stable and safe to ship. 

In the next few days, I will start experiementing and you know I how much I enjoy that. <wicked grin>
Next update...Golden Nectar Project.

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