Friday, May 14, 2021

Forever With you...


Today, I received a question. The question was about what I had said in a previous video and what I tell My human toilets. 

The question: What do you mean by becoming a part of the toilet forever?

My answer: Have you heard, "you are what you eat?" When you eat or drink even shit, during digestion, the body breaks down what you eat and absorbs what the body can use such as proteins or minerals. What the body can't use or break down, it releases as shit. That shit even though the body has released it as waste, does carry with it DNA. The DNA belongs to the individual that released it. 

When I use/feed My human toilet, they are consuming My shit that has My DNA and the human toilet's body will not only absorb My DNA but also anything his body can use from My shit. This is why I tell My toilets that I become a part of them because of this process. 

The result? While there will be no physical signs that My DNA is present within them, psychologically they will know that I am. 

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Sunday, May 2, 2021

My toilet's daily Mantra


 As My toilet, you will take 10 minutes daily to close your eyes as you kneel with your head bowed and repeat the above mantra for the entire time. 

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