Sunday, July 18, 2021

Getting Messy with diaper lover a...


 A welcomed thrill appeared before Me recently when diaper lover a came to visit Me. Within moments of his arrival, I began placing him into a diaper but just before securing it, I administered a small enema into his filled bowel. Once in the diaper, I put him into a PVC clear onsie that not only has attached mittens but also a hood with only a small breathing hole near his mouth. The entire onsie is a closed system so when he could no longer hold his bowels, his diaper would be filled and the smell would fill the onsie. Yes, it forced him to not only stew in his own shit and piss for however long that I desired but it also forced him to breath in the fumes from his messy diaper. <wicked grin> 

My messy boy was a very smelly one after marinating in his own filth for a couple of hours. Oh yes, I enjoyed My messy boy and looking forward to the next time already. 

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