Sunday, October 20, 2019

Toilet Fantasy: Dirty Panties.

Every Friday, you will come to wash with your mouth all of My dirty lace panties, I instruct My toilet. Every brown smear, every drop of juice and golden that you may find on My lace panties, you will lick with your tongue and clean till completely gone. Without question as instructed, you arrive at My door on Friday. 

As the panties lay in front of you, you begin to lick, suck, lightly chew every stain. When finishing each pair, you place them folded and stacked on the table till every pair is clean. Just as the last pair is neatly folded and stacked, I tell you when finished that you are released to go home. Just as instructed, you finish then leave out My door. Quietly leaving as you had first arrived. 

Such a lovely little fantasy that so easily becomes reality. 
Next update...Wet Spot.

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