Sunday, June 23, 2019

Shades of Gold...

Even though I had planned to write about bare flesh this update, I've had another subject on My mind this week. The many shades of golden.

What makes golden/piss different shades? Within a healthy body, the shades are influenced by what the Dominant/Top has eaten/drank and how long it's held within the bladder. 

The darker, more fragrant golden is usually released soon after the Dominant/Top has slept. The flavor from questioning toilets/bottoms over the years is heavier, more concentrated and has more flavor than later releases. Similar concentration can be found if the Dominant/Top drinks very little water. 

Lighter golden is usually released if the Dominant/Top has drank clear fluids such as water. Usually during the day. Again from questioning toilets/bottoms over the years, the flavor is less flavorful from being so diluted. If the Dominant/Top drinks an excessive amount of water, the golden is even more diluted.

Over the years, I have been told by a few toilets/bottoms that nicotine can be detected within the flavor of golden. Again this has only been a few over the years but if the toilet/bottom is sensitive to nicotine, make them aware if you as a Dominant/Top smokes.
Next update...Bare Flesh.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Yearning

Let's talk about "The Yearning." I know when you think of kneeling at My feet or laying beneath Me as My gifts of brown and golden flows down your throat that you feel that tingle that engulfs your body. I know that psychological release you experience when you are serving your purpose. I also know that the experience can be extremely addictive. The yearning can almost be described as withdrawal. 

How do I know? I have the yearning as well, just from a different perspective. When My yearning is extremely strong, even thinking about the last experience with My toilet can bring Me pleasure.

Now go quench that yearning every chance you get.
Next update...Bare Flesh.

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Sunday, June 9, 2019


This update, I had intended to talk about My fabulous time with My toilet. Sadly, My time with him had to be postponed till a later date. Yes disappointments happen from time to time due to everyday complications but it doesn't help the frustration. 

Frustration, Anticipation, much to feel till My golden and brown slides down his throat.
Next update...The Yearning.

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Golden Showers, Erotic Nature.

Within the realm of toilet slavery, showers can be another aspect to be explored. Golden, Red, Brown and Rainbow (Vomit). My particular favorite is golden. 

Why I find golden so sexy, so erotic? As My golden flows from deep inside Me, My toilet/sub is beneath Me. The warm, slick piss hits his nude flesh as it quickly surrounds him yet slowly streams down his frame to the floor. When I run My fingers thru the collected puddles upon his flesh, My fingers slide thru the slick warm liquid with ease. 

As I breath in, I smell a sweet yet bold fragrance that I know as My own. Soon our flesh heats up, grinding against him causing the fragrance to intensify. 

If that isn't sexy, isn't erotic, then very little is. LOL 
Next update...My toilet. 

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