Sunday, July 28, 2019

Golden Nectar...

Earlier this week, My toilet ay asked a question and I've been dwelling on it. Over the years, I've been asked about purchasing/shipping to them My golden and/or brown. That way even at a distance, they could savor My essence. My biggest concern about shipping My gifts out are how to safely ship it since brown doesn't store well outside of refridgeration or freezing. If anyone has any ideas on how to safely ship brown, let Me know since I am still stuck on that one but I'm reconsidering golden. After much thought, I could make My golden nectar stable and safe to ship. 

In the next few days, I will start experiementing and you know I how much I enjoy that. <wicked grin>
Next update...Golden Nectar Project.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


On the rare occasion, I surf online looking for toilet slavery eye candy. I always am so disappointed by finding mostly forced toilet slavery depicted. Sometimes I do find various scat themes but where is the passion and connection between those involved? Where is the seduction, to slowly lure the sub/bottom deeper till they crave their Dominant/Top's essence? While I will from time to time enjoy Myself within a forced scene, the passion is the sweetest experience.

When seduction and passion are involved, lovely romance can also be found. Perhaps you are thinking to yourself how could this be? Passion can take those involved in so many directions, and yes romance is one of them. 

When I close My eyes and think of My toilet, I imagine sliding a warm wine glass of My golden under his nose and telling him to taste Me. Perhaps a finger coated in My creamy brown, circling his lips and telling him to lick Me. To taste, Me.

As I open My eyes, I am left with a smile on My lips as I fantasize about things to come and what has already been. 
Next update...Many Ways of Firm.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Afternoon Delight....My toilet ay.

I had intended to write about seduction this update but I had such a wonderful afternoon this past week with My toilet ay, I just had to write about it. 

When I think back to My afternoon with him, I can still feel his tongue buried deep into My ass as I instructed him to clean it well. Of course the chocolate peanut butter candies he brought Me, I ate as he watched. I was even so generous that I placed My lips on his and shared My chewed treats along with My spit. To wash it down, I instructed him to hold a wine glass under Me to collect My golden then drink it. 

Such a wonderful afternoon that continues to bring a smile to My lips. 

No eye candy to share this time but use your imagination. 
Next update...Seduction.

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Sunday, July 7, 2019


Releasing into your awaiting mouth, I push from deep within My creamy and smooth gift of brown. So creamy, so smooth yet firm that it glides past your lips and flushes with ease down your throat. 

At first, I tease you by sliding a well covered finger under your nose and tell you to breath Me in deeply. Such a lovely, passionate thought. 

While I prefer My brown creamy and smooth, others may prefer dry and firm. Even though the body doesn't always cooperate, it's definitely fun to try to get the preferred texture. 
Next update...Seduction.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Bare Flesh...

Warm, bare flesh touching. Fingertips gently gliding ever so slightly. Something so ordinary yet so erotic. Perhaps with a wicked giggle, becoming a bit more creative. 

Slick, warm brown on fingertips, sliding along bare flesh as a trail is left behind. Nostrils filled with the warm pleasant scent of brown.  

Creativity sparked, intensity increased as fingertips laden with brown leaves thicker traces behind creating a design. Thicker and more becomes an outer layer of brown covering till the flesh is bare no more. 
Next update...Texture.

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