Sunday, March 24, 2019

Long Distance Continued

Within this post, I am going to talk about those that are in an ownership or LTR in person situation dealing with distance between them as well as those seeking simply online servitude or fetish fulfillment within toilet slavery. 

Ownership/long term relationships can be a true challenge when it comes to long distance. Each time you meet, whether it be for a couple of days or as few as a couple of hours, you try to cherish each moment for you know soon you will be separated by many miles. During those times, it's extremely important to stay connected. Daily or weekly check-in via email, text or phone should always take place. Without that interaction though limited, the connection that you have will slowly disappear and no one should want that. Speaking personally, during the long periods of time that My toilet is away, I focus on what we will do together when he is able to come to Me. It always brings a smile to My lips to think of him. 

Online toilet slavery or fetish fulfillment typically is short term and does not involve in person. This might involve assignments, phone, text or video chat sessions. For those unable to travel or simply haven't taken the big step towards in person meetings, this is a great way to explore/serve. Some Dominants/Tops even ship brown goodies, brown & golden samples or even brown smeared/urine soaked underwear though I question the safety when it comes to consumption since the longer brown/golden is outside the body, bacteria will grow which increases the risks. 
Next update...Panties.

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