Sunday, May 26, 2019

Straight, Wavy & Curls.

The act of brushing, washing and conditioning hair can be an intimate experience or even an erotic one between a Dominant and their sub/toilet. 

My own hair is long, well past My shoulders and is naturally curly. If I instruct My toilet to brush My hair, I will tell him to begin brushing slowly from bottom to top careful not to pull since natural curls tends to tangle. 

To wash, I instruct him to take a quarter sized amount of My favorite shampoo into his palms and begin massaging it throughout My wet hair for a few minutes as I lay My head back over a basin of warm water. Once fully lathered, I instruct him to carefully begin to pour warm water over My hair till the water runs clear. Now that My long hair is washed, I instruct him to carefully remove the excess water and then wrap in a towel. 

To condition, I instruct him to remove the towel and spray My favorite leave in conditioner along My hair and brush once again. Since I do not blow dry My hair but rather air dry, another Dominant may instruct their sub/toilet to go that extra step.

Passion, love and commitment can be shown even within the simple act of brushing hair. Remember this well if instructed to do this for your Dominant.
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