Sunday, June 23, 2019

Shades of Gold...

Even though I had planned to write about bare flesh this update, I've had another subject on My mind this week. The many shades of golden.

What makes golden/piss different shades? Within a healthy body, the shades are influenced by what the Dominant/Top has eaten/drank and how long it's held within the bladder. 

The darker, more fragrant golden is usually released soon after the Dominant/Top has slept. The flavor from questioning toilets/bottoms over the years is heavier, more concentrated and has more flavor than later releases. Similar concentration can be found if the Dominant/Top drinks very little water. 

Lighter golden is usually released if the Dominant/Top has drank clear fluids such as water. Usually during the day. Again from questioning toilets/bottoms over the years, the flavor is less flavorful from being so diluted. If the Dominant/Top drinks an excessive amount of water, the golden is even more diluted.

Over the years, I have been told by a few toilets/bottoms that nicotine can be detected within the flavor of golden. Again this has only been a few over the years but if the toilet/bottom is sensitive to nicotine, make them aware if you as a Dominant/Top smokes.
Next update...Bare Flesh.

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