Tuesday, July 23, 2019


On the rare occasion, I surf online looking for toilet slavery eye candy. I always am so disappointed by finding mostly forced toilet slavery depicted. Sometimes I do find various scat themes but where is the passion and connection between those involved? Where is the seduction, to slowly lure the sub/bottom deeper till they crave their Dominant/Top's essence? While I will from time to time enjoy Myself within a forced scene, the passion is the sweetest experience.

When seduction and passion are involved, lovely romance can also be found. Perhaps you are thinking to yourself how could this be? Passion can take those involved in so many directions, and yes romance is one of them. 

When I close My eyes and think of My toilet, I imagine sliding a warm wine glass of My golden under his nose and telling him to taste Me. Perhaps a finger coated in My creamy brown, circling his lips and telling him to lick Me. To taste, Me.

As I open My eyes, I am left with a smile on My lips as I fantasize about things to come and what has already been. 
Next update...Many Ways of Firm.

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