Sunday, November 3, 2019

Possible Wet Spot...

I'm considering allowing some of My special treats and personal items to be purchased. Only My fresh brown and golden will be used/shipped. My treats will be shipped with a freezer pack and My personal items will be sealed in plastic to preserve freshness. 

While I have not thought about pricing yet, shipping will be included. I will also be accepting Amazon E-Gift certificates as a form of payment. This will be extremely useful for those that need an alternative way. 

Here are some of the items that I will be offering if I do.

Brown Kissed Panties: A pair of My panties that I have worn for at least 12 hours that has been kissed/smeared with My precious brown.

Golden Kissed Panties: A pair of My worn panties freshly golden soaked then dried to enhance My Golden Nectar's scent.

Wicked Wet Panties: My freshly worn panties that has caught My sweet juices for at least 12 hours.

Brown Kissed Toilet Tissue: Multiple sheets of used toilet tissue from releasing My brown within one release.

Juicy Cream Puff: A tampon drenched in My sweet juices from sliding it deep within as I pleasure Myself. (No Red)

Brown Brownie Snack Pack: Contains My brown brownie along with 2 15ml bottles of My golden nectar.

Golden Nectar: 2 15ml bottles of My fresh golden nectar. Options: Light or Morning Dark. The perfect additive to warm or cold drinks.

Browneye Pops (2): A bit of My brown mixed with cakey goodness then chocolate coated on a stick.

Brown Buckeyes (2): A bit of My brown mixed with creamy peanut butter then coated in chocolate. 

Next update...The Next Step.

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