Thursday, April 22, 2021

Future Experiment

Back in 2011, I did an experiment by collecting My brown (scat) for 2 months by My freezing method and used a tarp to marinate My toilet for 5 hours. While the experiment was a success, it did have it's problems. The biggest problem was to limit the clean up. The smell of My lovely warm brown lingered in the house for over 24 hours which wasn't a problem but the clean up because it was difficult to prevent the brown from getting outside of the containment area was next to impossible. 

When I experiment again with marinating a toilet, instead of using a tarp, I will be using a modified (breathing port) airtight vacuum seal bag made for memory foam mattresses. This should allow for a toilet to marinate wonderfully in My brown for however long I wish without making a huge mess to clean up afterwards. This method should also allow for an even deeper marinade. Yes, My brown will pernitrate the skin and I will become a part of the toilet forever. 

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