Monday, January 7, 2019

Full Toilet Slavery Fantasy

So many lovely ways to envision full toilet slavery. Depending on your situation, toilet slavery can be a lifestyle choice, a fetish or just to kink up the bedroom. Full toilet slavery can be whatever you make it, however you dream it with caution of course but when you're fantasizing about it, it can be whatever way you wish. 

Perhaps your fantasy is to consume everything from your Dominant/Top. Maybe your fantasy involves forcing your shit and piss down the throat of your toilet/bottom. Maybe, just maybe you fantasize about the passion before or during, allowing your toilet/sub/bottom to take a part of you into them just before you passionately kiss them. 

Earlier today, I fantasized about using My toilet so I decided to take video of the experience. Yes, it's on My Photo/Video Gallery link below. 
Next update... Golden Fountain.

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