Sunday, January 13, 2019

Golden Fountain

With a creative mind and the desire to explore, almost anything is possible even within Toilet Slavery. So let's open our mind up and consider the idea of a golden fountain. 

With a male Dominant/Top, it's simple since they have a cock and it's just about showering their toilet/bottom with piss. A female Dominant/Top must be creative about creating a golden fountain. A fountain isn't simply a shower and let's face it, placing your toilet/bottom in the tub on their back then standing over them and releasing the flood gates isn't a fountain. It's a shower. Here are some possibilities to consider. 

A funnel. Not the most original idea but it's simple. Place funnel between your thighs, place your toilet/bottom beneath you and slowly release causing a solid stream of piss to go into your toilet/bottom. An option would be to attach a hose to the bottom tip of the funnel so you can have more control over your piss. 

A catheter with an extension tube. Female self catheters can be purchased online, usually by the box and isn't expensive. These are disposable so they should only be used once. Do not reuse these. Before you start emailing, asking how to safely use a self catheter, go to YouTube or Google and search for "self catherization for women instructions." Simple follow the instructions, pinch the end of the catheter to stop the flow, place an extension tube to the end and release. Having your toilet/bottom in place while your adding the extension tube is a suggestion. At this point, you can have your toilet/bottom in a tub or place the flow directly into it's mouth. 

Stay safe and have fun.....
Next update...Sweet, Salty Sweat.

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