Sunday, February 10, 2019

Foot Worship, Pampering.

Foot worship isn't typically pictured within toilet slavery. Perhaps you're sitting, reading this thinking to yourself that you're unable to picture it. Why not? The "gifts" or the body waste/byproduct that your Dominant/Top expects/forces you to consume is a part of them. Whether toilet slavery is viewed as erotic intimacy or humiliation, the bare bones of the experience is the dynamic between those involved. Within this "relationship," foot worship can be viewed as a part of the toilet/bottom/slave's submission and devotion to their Dominant/Top. Washing feet, removing dead skin, clipping toe nails and licking sweat are ways to prepare for consumption. Massaging/applying lotion to feet, painting toe nails and physical foot worship are ways to pamper.

"My toilet, go to the bathroom. There you will find a basket prepared as well as a pink basin. Fill the basin with warm water then return to Me." A few moments pass, you return and kneel at My feet. "Remove the contents from the basket and begin to prepare then you will pamper My feet." Without hesitation, you begin to remove the ped egg, towels, lavender oil, nail clippers with file and 3 small bowls. "Take the ped egg and begin to remove the dead skin from the soles then empty it into one of the small bowls, My toilet." Gently you raise each foot and remove the dead skin, followed by emptying each small collection into one of the bowls. 

"Carefully clip My toe nails then file each, toilet and place all clippings into one of the remaining bowls." Toe after toe, you carefully clip and file each nail then collect all the clippings into a bowl. 

"Time to soak My feet, toilet and then dry them." Once again, you gently place each foot into the warm water and wash them. After awhile, making sure each was clean, you dry them in the warm towels.

"Before you show My feet love by massaging them with the lavender oil, open your mouth toilet." As you hold open your mouth, I begin to empty the bowl containing the dead skin from the bottoms of My feet and coating your tongue. With a wicked grin, I pick up the remaining bowl and dip it into the used water inside of the pink basin. With your coated tongue still exposed as your mouth is held wide, I pour the cloudy water into your mouth and tell you to swallow. Without hesitation, you do as instructed. "Open your mouth again, toilet." Again, you open your mouth. I pick up the bowl with the clippings and shake them onto your tongue then dip the third bowl once again into the foot infused water. As I pour the water into your wide mouth, I tell you to chew then swallow Me. I giggle as I watch you devour My essence. 

Now My toilet, you may show My feet love. 
Next update... My Valentine.

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