Monday, February 4, 2019

Bubbles & Bath Water

Have you ever been instructed or forced to drink your Dominant/Top's bath water? Perhaps you're thinking to yourself, "no, how does that have anything to do with toilet slavery?" Think about it, as a toilet your purpose is to flush down anything that your Dominant/Top puts in you and that includes bath water. Bath water not only has dirt, sweat, body hair and fecal particles but it also has dead skin. 

Follow Me, My toilet as I lead you to the bath. Just before stepping in, I tell you to remove My robe. As My bare flesh is exposed, I step into the prepared bath water. Kneel beside My bath, My toilet. Quickly, you do as instructed. With bowed head, you listen as I softly talk as I lay back into the warm water. 

Feeling lovely within My bath, I raise My palm from beneath the water and tell you to drink as I hover My hand just above. Without question, you part your lips, opening your mouth wide as I pour My bath water into your mouth. Gargle then swallow, My toilet. With a grin, I watch as you do so.
Next update...Foot Worship, Pampering.

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