Monday, January 21, 2019

Sweet, Salty Sweat

Have you ever had a drop of sweat fall upon your lips then licked your lips to taste? Perhaps your Dominant/Top told you to lick the sweet, salty sweat from their bare flesh. Maybe give you a sweaty, moist pair of panties to clean with your mouth. Just like any other function of the Dominant/Top's body, sweat being consumed by their toilet/bottom is another aspect of toilet slavery. 

Think of all the places where that sweet, salty goodness can hide on your Dominant/Top's body. Feet, underarms, thighs, cleavage and even between the butt cheeks. Of course sweat likes to be absorbed by what it touches like panties, socks, shoes and even lingerie. 

Makes your mouth water, doesn't it toilet?
Next update...Swirly.

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