Sunday, January 27, 2019


Swirly, the act of placing someone's head inside of a toilet bowl as it is being flushed. Typically when you think of such things, memories from high school pranks comes to mind. Whenever I think of a swirly, I think of what happens when I put My toilet within My potty box and don't aim when I release My piss over his mouth. Not only does it go into his mouth and down his throat, it also showers his eyes, nose as well as over his head. To some a mess, to Me more like a baptism. Blessing him, showering him with My essence. My gift of golden. 

The next time you shower your toilet/bottom or receive a shower by your Dominant/Top, think hard on the experience and perhaps you too will see it the way I do. 

Next update...Bubbles & Bath Water. 

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